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By Michael Beer

This publication seems to be on the method during which foodstuff was once hired in Greek and Roman literature to impart identification, no matter if social, person, non secular or ethnic. repeatedly those markers are laid down within the means that meals have been constrained, in different phrases by way of the negatives rather than the positives of what was once fed on. Michael Beer seems at numerous features of nutrition restrict in antiquity, for instance, the best way they eschewed extra and glorified the easy nutrition; the way Jewish nutritional limit pointed out that kingdom less than the Empire; the best way Pythagoreans denied themselves meat (and beans); and how within which the terrible have been limited through financial truth from having fun with the whole variety of meals. those subject matters enable him to examine very important points of Graeco-Roman social attitudes. for instance, republic advantage, imperial laxity, Homeric and Spartan army valour, social keep an eye on via sumptuary legislation, and solutions to over the top ingesting. He additionally appears to be like heavily on the inherent divide of the Roman global among the dual centres of Greece and Rome and the way it really is expressed in meals and its intake.

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